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Chris Nuzum
Chief Creative Officer
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ADS Marketing Group emerged from a group of entrepreneurial companies owned and/or operated by Chris Nuzum.  Operating several companies across many industries over the last 20 years, Chris became diversified in business; however, one challenge remained constant, “How to get noticed by as many prospective customers as possible and convince them that they could not live without us.”

When we solve that question, we create attention, we create passion, we create desire, and we create customers.
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Chris is the key communicator, problem-solver, and strategist for many ADS Marketing Group projects. He leads our team to create marketing and advertising campaigns that reach out to customers for restaurants, law firms, retail stores, trucking and logistics firms, healthcare agencies, body and beauty companies, and even funeral homes.  He guides marketing research, focus groups, micro-analysis, account planning, creative, ad budgeting, media buying, and public relations.