Dental Practice Marketing Atlanta

dental practice marketing, atlanta marketing experts, ADS Marketing GroupThere are many challenges facing independent, locally-owned and operated, community dental practices and dental practice marketing is the most important.  Externally, there are challenges with the low-cost dental providers, offering crowns for as low as $250 each.  The challenge of competition with the corporate conglomerate dental corporations who have unlimited resources for marketing, advertising and recruiting.  Challenges with long-term lease agreements in changing communities where landlords fail to upgrade their shopping plazas and retail centers, giving the upper-hand to competing dentists with new locations.

Internally, there are the challenges of staffing changes, OSHA and HIPPA compliance, eroding discounts with dental supply companies, and poor payer agreements.

To combat these challenges, many dentists have turned to Atlanta Marketing Dental Experts, ADS Marketing Group, to help with branding, rebranding, marketing strategy, logo redesign, website design, graphic design, social media, direct mail marketing, traditional adverting, and internal dental marketing training focused on new accounts and client retention.


Branding for Dental Practices

Branding the experience that customers have with your dental practice, not just the logo.  Branding is the reason customers choose one dentist over the other, no matter if the cost is less, equal or greater.  Branding is how you make the customer feel about their decision.

ADS Marketing Group offers branding and rebranding services for dental practices.


Marketing Strategies for Dental Practices

Atlanta dental practices should have a marketing strategy.  Many times, we discover that dental practices believe that their strategy is going one direction but are traveling in another direction.  For example, we worked with an Atlanta dentist who stated that their dental practice was focused on patients who have a managed care plan for dental coverage but the company was only attracting customers without dental insurance.  That practice was deeply discounting their dental fees because the office administrator’s marketing strategy was different than the practice.

What is your dental practice marketing strategy?  Are you seeking the cash pay client or the managed care client?  What is the mix of each within your client base?

ADS Marketing Group offers marketing strategy plans, concept planning and dental practice marketing training.


Website Design for Dentists

Atlanta web design company, ADS Marketing Group, helps dentists by creating websites that are focused on the consumer’s desire for online appointments, online payments, online dental forms, online pricing, social media interaction and dental research on a mobile friendly website.

ADS Marketing Group designs websites for dentists in Atlanta.

Direct Mail Marketing for Dentists

Atlanta Direct Mail Marketing experts, ADS Marketing Group, helps dentists with direct mail marketing using newsletters, envelopes and giant postcards.  We create the graphic design, print the postcards, and mail the postcards to your community.

We have had huge success with direct mail postcards for dentists, often adding 30 new patients per month.  We have many direct mail marketing plans to fit your dental practice and encourage dentists to contact us for a free price quotation.

ADS Marketing Group helps Atlanta dentists with direct mail marketing.