help small business marketing atlantaIs your new or small business struggling to reach customers?

I understand!  As President of ADS Marketing Group and an entrepreneur myself, I know exactly how you feel – FRUSTRATED!

I remember sinking all I had into my first company, using credit cards to pay bills and practically begging customers to trust me, the new guy.  What I wish I had then, is what I am offering you and your company today, help with marketing.

Think about what the big companies have that you don’t.  Besides thousands or millions of dollars for marketing and advertising, you may consider that they just look more professional in their marketing materials, advertisements, and branding.

Again, I can help with that!  I started this company to help small to medium sized companies grow by looking bigger and better, communicating well, and showcasing their differences from the “other guys”.

Since you clicked here, this is my offer:

  1. If you haven’t already submitted your contact information, please complete the form below to tell me more your company. THIS IS FREE
  2. I will call you and simply talk about your challenges in business and marketing.  THIS IS FREE.
  3. From our FREE conversation, I will propose some changes in your marketing and advertising and give you some prices to provide them.  THIS IS FREE.
  4. You will then have the power to make the decision on whether you would like to meet in person and move forward with our proposal.  THIS IS FREE TOO!

What you will gain:

Through our FREE BRAND EVALUATION, you will gain a new understanding of your business marketing and advertising challenges, how to fix them and even some no-cost strategies that really work.  You will be able to look bigger and better, attract more customers, redefine your brand identity, and have marketing materials that really work.  In addition, you will have my cell phone number as a resource for you in the future.

What I gain:

My life’s passion is helping my fellow entrepreneurs and if we have the chance to meet, you will clearly feel that this statement is not a marketing gimmick or ploy and my heart is truly in the right place, I do want you to succeed.  Like you, I do make money on the services that I provide but it is not by price gouging or the bait and switch.  If that were so, I would definitely go after the big companies that are too slow to react and understand that game.

What we do:

We evaluate your brand image, create marketing materials and advertisements, create or re-create logos and websites, manage social media accounts, manage on-line advertising and meet with you regularly to evaluate our work.

chris nuzum atlanta marketing expert


I look forward to talking with you soon, 770-475-9187.


Chris Nuzum,
President of ADS Marketing Group, LLC