Small Business Marketing: Tell your story

When marketing your company’s brand, don’t forget to tell your story.  The story is why you went into business, your passion of business, your purpose in solving a need or making things easier for your customers.

Small businesses often forget to tell their story and immediately go into selling their products or services.

Aside from performance, service, or price, consumers want a connection to what they are buying.  Marketing is about how you make customers feel about your brand.

Storytelling goes back thousands of years. Remember the story about Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Little Pigs? Storytelling is the art of connecting an overarching message to a memorable story.

We all know about Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blanc and their connection to the Home Depot brand.  In addition to providing a warehouse home improvement concept, they told consumers about who they were as owners and their desire to help homeowners when making renovations or improvements. They spoke plainly to the consumer and their employees.  They were real, visible in the stores and their marketing.  Bernie and Arthur connected to consumers about why they when into business and how they intended on serving customers.

Consider the stories behind the owners of Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A and Ben and Jerry’s.  How have you connected with their brands through the story of the owners?

How do you feel about knowing more about them and their struggles in business and their perceived accessibility to the consumer?

While some companies have great stories about the founders and their products, some brands create their story through others and use them to connect to consumers.  In 2000, Subway marketers read an article about Jarred Fogle in Men’s Health magazine, “Stupid Diets…that work!”.  Fogle claimed to have lost over 200 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches and became Subway’s number one pitchman using his story to sell millions of subs.

There are many components to small business marketing and storytelling is one important aspect of connecting your brand to the consumer.  So, tell your story, show your passion, poll your customers and connect them all to your brand marketing.

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