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Startup Marketing for New Businesses

Startup Marketing for new businesses

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Startup marketing for new businesses is as difficult as starting a business. Dreams of overnight successes are few and far between. Customers do not line up at the door just because you turn on the open sign. Nothing works without a good startup marketing plan and the determination to execute the plan.While most startup businesses are underfunded and have limited resources, small business owners can still market their businesses and generate customers.  Marketing is easier with the advice from a small business marketing firm.

Know your Product or Service

Knowing your product or service should go without saying. Successful businesses know how their products and services will help solve a problem for their customers or make the lives easier.

Determine your Target Audience
Determine your target audience by defining a group of those who will most likely purchase your products or services. For example, a dentist may identify their target audience as ages 25-55, employed, covered by dental insurance, and living within a 2-mile radius of their dental practice. Other businesses may consider, gender, sex, marital status, salary level, homeowner versus renter, to name a few.

Communicate to your Target Audience
Communicate to your target audience in a manner that they will understand. You want to communicate what you do and what you are trying to sell. If your target audience holds a professional degree or certification, you will want to speak as they normally would. You would communicate using their language and industry buzz words that they will understand.  If your target audience is the general public, you should speak in less technical terms using generally accepted language.

Where to Market
Now that you know your target audience, you want to know where to market to them. Where does your target audience shop, gather information, or locate the products and services that they need? Target audiences are on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and social media networking sites. Some may use television, radio, newspaper, trade magazines, or outdoor advertising but you will want to choose where to best communicate effectively.

Now that you know how to communicate, who to communicate to and where to communicate, small business owners should ensure that all marketing materials cooperate with one another, this is called synergy. Synergy is an extension of brand management and ensures that your brand image is consistently communicated across all media channels.

Analytics tell if your ads are working and where they are working best. They establish milestones that connect to advertising campaigns and financial performance to trends and seasonal cycles.

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