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Dental Practice Marketing Atlanta

Dental Practice Marketing Atlanta There are many challenges facing independent, locally-owned and operated, community dental practices and dental practice marketing is the most important.  Externally, there are challenges with the low-cost dental providers, offering crowns for as low as $250 each.  The challenge of competition with the corporate conglomerate dental corporations who have unlimited resources [...]

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Marketing Firm Alpharetta

Marketing Firm Alpharetta We are the number one most chosen marketing firm for small to medium-sized businesses in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Georgia.  We help the little guy grow bigger and stronger by creating eye-catching marketing campaigns that will grow your wallet before breaking it. Marketing firms are great at throwing money [...]

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What is Branding?

Branding is NOT your logo design! Many customers and a lot of amateur marketing firms believe that branding is your logo, business cards, letter head, envelopes and so on - its not!  Branding is the promise of a distinct, memorable customer experience with your product or service.  Branding is about creating an expectation and delivering [...]

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