Tips for buying a Brandable domain

register domain name best for marketingYour domain should compliment your marketing intentions and you should consider the following tips when choosing a brandable domain.

Find a .com extension. Search hard to find an available domain that can be purchased with the .com extension.   This standard and first in the mind of every consumer, 75% of all websites have a .com extension.

Easy to remember. You want users and clients to be able to easily remember your name and connect it to your company name and brand.

Be relevant. Words have actual words that are either your name or keywords for your brand or business. Consider that the consumer will use this name to identify with your brand and when they see just the domain name, you want them to understand what you do or who you are.

Easy to spell. Your domain name must be easy to spell. Rarely if EVER, use misspellings, hyphens, numbers and letters, or slang terms.  For example, for you to use, that spelling would have to be your company name and you will still lose visitors who will first choose,

Trustworthy. Your domain name should sound trustworthy and credible.  If you have to say,; you aren’t Honest.

Length.  Keep your domain name short and try and use less than 10 characters plus the .com.


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