Brand Positioning and Alignment

Atlanta brand positioning and alignment experts, ADS Marketing Group, can help you develop a brand image, brand position, and brand alignment.  Although, customers ultimately decide your brand’s effectiveness in their lives, we can help realign your brand to their needs, wants and desires.  Your brand’s position must be believable and unique and have room to grow with evolving consumers and markets.

Atlanta Branding Positioning Marketing

How we approach brand positioning and alignment:

    • Initial 45 Minute Meeting: This meeting introduces us to one another and allows us to review your brand image, collateral materials, organic internet position, any internet, television, or print advertising, and community networking efforts. We will also gain an understanding on where you want to go and the audience you are trying to attract.
    • Free Proposal: We will present you with a marketing proposal for your business, detailing what we can do for you and the cost for our services.
    • Marketing Acceptance: Once our proposal has been accepted, we will develop a marketing strategy based on your expectations.
    • Marketing Plan Execution: We will begin the process of introducing your company to your target audience.
    • Brand Focus Groups:  Focus groups of consumers allow us to understand how your brand is perceived and what adjustments need to be made to better align your brand.
    • Marketing Review for ROI: We will continually work with you and your staff to review our marketing efforts and detail the ROI on your marketing investment.


To learn more about ADS Marketing Group’s Brand Positioning and Alignment services, please contact us at 770-475-9187 for a FREE 45-Minute Marketing Meeting and Brand Evaluation.