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Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo design is an important part of brand identity
and is expressed using icons, color, typography, and design elements.

Designing a Logo

Logo design is the marriage of brand discovery, strategy, identity, and unity into an element that becomes the badge for your brand.  The design should consider the use of icons, color, typography, and design elements to express the brand in a visual way.

Logo Icons are used to communicate subliminal messages and artistic emotion.  Icons often evolve into the primary identity of the brand through their use in branding and phone apps.  Our graphic designers consider the transitional elements and the brand’s evolution when designing a logo.

Logo Color is important because it introduces the brand palate and influences consumers in many ways.  The use of vibrant colors relates to action and movement.  Blue is calming and used in medical environments.  It is also an appetite suppressant and not recommended for restaurants.

Logo Typography is the arrangement of fonts in variable sizes, colors, and shapes to create a more appealing and legible appearance.  Many famous brands have used a unique and interesting typeface to create brand recognition without the use of logo icons or taglines.

“ADS Marketing Group rebranded our practice into a surgical center, now known as the premier provider of endodontics in Atlanta.”

Helen Sempira, DMD
Atlanta Endo Surgicial Center

Our in-house graphic designers and artists produce memorable brand images.