Industry and Competitive Analysis

An industry analysis is the study of your industry and the forces that might be causing it to change. It involves using a number of standard but indispensable tools, including Porter’s Five Forces Model, industry attractiveness (part of the GE Matrix), driving forces, critical-success factor analysis, and strategic groups. Because the ways in which an industry changes can dramatically affect the decisions a company makes, an industry analysis has become a key element in strategic planning.

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Industry and Competitive AnalysisDoing an Industry Analysis

The purpose of conducting an industry analysis is to answer the following types of questions:

  • What are the dominant economic characteristics of the industry?
  • In what ways is the industry changing, and why?
  • Do buyers and/or suppliers have greater bargaining power?
  • How steep are entry barriers?
  • Is the industry concentrated or fragmented?
  • What must one do well in order to succeed in this industry?
  • How appealing is the industry?