Why hire us?

One of the first questions we ask customers during our Free Initial Evaluation is, “What makes you different than your competitors?” After the eyebrows relax and the heads settle back to center, we’re often given the same response, “SERVICE” but isn’t “service” expected by every consumer to a point that “service” is no longer a differentiation between one successful company to another?

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[pullquote align=”right”]So to answer our own question, we always offer great service but what makes us different is bundled into the word, “RELATIONSHIPS.”[/pullquote]

We are like you! We are smart, aggressive, entrepreneurial, focused, and set on replicating successes to produce growth and profit. Our expertise enhances your experience and as a small business, that’s been there and done that, our processes are designed to produce results.



Relationships: We build long lasting relationships with our customers and their staff, a friend for life!
Affordable: We are affordable. Our small agency, employing others remotely, keeps our overhead costs low, making us less expensive than any other marketing firm in Atlanta.
Integrity: We have integrity and we proudly stand behind our work and the messages we produce.
We Are Direct: As all entrepreneurs can appreciate, we have no problem calling it what it is, even if it’s our fault.
Results: We produce results, track those results, and sincerely care about your businesses success.
Accessible: We are accessible and always available to you 24 hours per day. No one else can say that, call us in the middle of the night and find out.


What our Customers say:


[staff name=”Mystical Parties Entertainment” position=”Stephanie Carter, President” img=”https://www.adsmarketinggroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/MysticalParties-300×150.jpg”]Truly a top notch organization! They have done more for my company in 3 months than others have done in a year. From graphic design, print, direct mail, marketing, website design to photography, they do it all. Thank you ADS Marketing for helping Mystical Parties and Eastern Onion take it to the next level! ~ Stephanie Carter with Mystical Parties Entertainment[/staff]


[staff name=”Dental Advocacy Group” position=”Cornelia Outten, President” img=”https://www.adsmarketinggroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/DentalAdvocacyGroup-300×150.jpg”]Chris is awesome. He brings a deep of skills and experience to the table for his clients. He helped our group with marketing and branding, and more importantly with strategic direction. I highly recommend Chris. ~ Cornelia Outten, Dental Advocacy Group[/staff]


[staff name=”The Laughing Laboratory” position=”Naomi Ford, President” img=”https://www.adsmarketinggroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/LaughingLaboratory-300×150.jpg”]ADS Marketing group is like no other marketing group in the Kennesaw area! I called numerous companies to receive help with my business but to them I just felt like another price ticket. Chris listens to your concerns and TRULY wants to help your business succeed. This company is your one stop shop to all your marketing needs. Chris can do anything from logo redesigning, flyer creations, and creating a unique website design all in a timely matter. During your first meeting with ADS, Chris is pointing out things that needed to be corrected that you as the owner wouldn’t see from the customers point of view all while working on the next steps to fix it. Yes he’s that good and that FAST! There has never been a moment when I’ve doubted my decision to choose ADS Marketing and will continue to use them to make sure my business can reach its fullest potential. ~ Naomi Ford, The Laughing Laboratory[/staff]